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Adjustments to Motion Lights and Security Lights for Best Coverage

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Motion Lights and Security Lights are triggered when the fixture picks up "motion", which is defined as the movement of heat across the detection coverage area.  Keep this in mind when setting up your light fixtures, because false and unwanted light triggers will cause great frustration!

Because motion lights pick up heat across the sensor range, a number of heat sources will trigger your light.  In addition to people and animals, here are other heat sources that many times will cause false positives: 

  • Pools of Water (from temperature changes rising off of, and above, the water)
  • Air Conditioners
  • Dryer Vents
  • Fenced-In Animals
  • Heating Vents
  • Automobile Traffic

There are a number of ways to adjust your security light to avoid and minimize false positives.  If your motion light is coming on when you don't want it to, try some of the following:

  1. Reduce the sensitivity using the motion light setting (usually a dial)
  2. Use a lens shield, which is included with many motion lights, and provides a cover to block out portions of the sensor, to avoid motion being picked up in certain directions
  3. Use the MacGuyver lens shield -- Duct Tape or Black Electrical Tape!  Cover the portion of the motion sensor that is picking up the unwanted heat source
  4. Adjust the direction that the sensor faces - usually a simple adjustment with a wrench or even by hand

Good Luck!

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