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Top 4 Security Benefits of an Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

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Motion sensor lights turn on automatically when they detect motion in the sensor range. There are many reasons that outdoor motion lights provide benefits over non-motion lights. These lights provide cost-effective convenience and security. Listed below are some top security benefits of outdoor motion sensor lights for you to consider - post any others you can think of.

  1. Crime Prevention. Darkness provides great cover for a would-be burglar. Approaching a dark home, the last thing an intruder wants is to be detected. Expecting to go unnoticed, the burglar will approach a house looking for easy methods of entry. But, as soon as the intruder steps into the detector range in the lawn or driveway - BAMM! - the motion light kicks on and floods the yard with light. From the intruder's perspective, it doesn't matter if the homeowner turned the light on from the light switch inside (unlikely in the middle of the night), or if the light came on automatically from the motion sensor - he doesn't want anything to do with this house, turns and runs!
  2. Arriving home after dark. Arriving home late after dark, the motion light turns on as you approach the driveway or house door. The comfort of having the light turn on as you approach deters animal pests, and provides needed safety of light when you arrive home. No need to leave the light on all night, just to get the benefit of having the lights on when you arrive home. No stumbling through the yard or up stairs due to the darkness, with the convenience of the motion security light.
  3. Animal Prevention. If you live near the woods, in rural areas, or even in urban areas where animal pests are present, a motion light can help! Animals such as raccoons, skunks, foxes, deer, rabbits, etc. come out in the dark to find food (and look for shelter under decks and by digging holes), and anything left outside of your house is fair game! Motion lights will help prevent these critters, and the motion sensors on the lights can be placed to pick up motion in areas that you want covered by the light.
  4. Supplement your Home Security System. Some people have home security systems that monitor indoor intrusion, with door and window opening sensors, glass breakage sensors, indoor motion detectors, etc. These systems are most effective if monitored through a local call station, giving immediate reaction and warning (through an audible alarm) if the security system is triggered. But these systems aren't perfect. In some cases, the systems rely on the home electricity for power, and in a power out situation (or if the power is disconnected in some way), the alarm won't work. Also, many of these systems rely on a working telephone connection to contact the alarm monitoring company - if the phone line is down or cut, the call to the monitoring company doesn't happen. Motion lights provide a very cost-effective way to supplement a home security system, by acting as the first barrier to would be intruders - before they even reach your home. Additionally, most people do not have home security systems installed in their homes. In these cases, security motion lights provide the MAIN home security system and prevention -- for less than $100. It's hard to value the added security system benefits of a motion light, but in my opinion, for this kind of cost, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck, and return on investment!

You've got many choices when it comes to outdoor motion sensor lights. From inexpensive flood light options, to more expensive decorative sensor lights. Motion sensor flood lights provide lighting like you would expect - a directed flood of light in the targeted area where you have placed the light. Decorative motion lights, on the other hand, provide exceptional beauty and operate in most cases more as a front porch or door light. Also, there are various alternative indoor and outdoor ceiling and porch motion lights, including hanging lights and ceiling flush lights.

Considering the added safety (and convenience) benefits of motion lights, these lights provide you with great value and added protection for your family and home. Consider replacing existing outdoor lighting with motion lights, or adding new outdoor motion lighting to your home, to receive these benefits.

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