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Top Reasons Outdoor Motion Lights are better than Non-Motion Lights

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Outdoor home lighting provides a number of great benefits - convenience, security, and beauty to name a few. But when choosing outdoor home lighting, there are a number of reasons to choose motion sensor lights over standard, non-motion lighting. This article will highlight some of the top reasons you should choose motion lighting for your outdoor home lighting needs.

  • Save money and only use the lights when you actually need them - when motion is detected. Whether coming home after dark, looking for your keys outside a front or side door, or taking your pet out at night, motion lighting will automatically provide light once you move in the motion detector range. You'll save money as a result and get the automatic lighting convenience.
  • No need to turn the light switch on (or off) again - never accidentally leave the lights on again. With motion lights, you leave the light switch set to the 'on' position all the time. The light will remain off during the daylight hours, and in darkness the light will automatically turn on as soon as motion is detected for a set period of time. Save energy and electricity as a result.
  • Security, Security, Security. Outdoor home lighting is a proven deterrent to would-be intruders. With motion lights, you have automatic lighting triggered when someone approaches your light's motion sensor range. Position the sensors on your motion light to best cover outside doors and areas of your yard where you want to detect movement to provide maximum security around your home. Note that while it isn't recommended that you rely on motion lights as your sole security system to protect your home, the lighting you get adds to security at your home.
  • Motion Light features like Dual Brite and Dusk-to-Dawn operation. ¬†Many motion lights offer features like a built-in photocell, giving automatic dusk-to-dawn light operation when motion is detected. Also, the Dual Brite feature is available on many lights, providing two-levels of lighting, with a lower level of light turning on at dusk for an adjustable period of time, with the light switching to full-bright intensity when motion is sensed. This is a very handy feature to provide a low level of light in the early dusk hours around your front door or other outdoor area for the set period of time, while still giving you full lighting power when motion is sensed.
  • With easy installation and cost savings available on motion lighting, choose motion lighting to replace your existing outdoor lighting to get added convenience and benefits. Visit our selection of featured outdoor motion sensor decorative lights and outdoor motion sensor flood lights to see available motion light selection and features.


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