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Understanding the Dual Brite Feature on Motion Lights

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You will see many motion detector lights with a feature called "Dual Brite" or "Dual Brite Timer". What is the Dual Brite feature? It is a very convenient and valuable feature that adds a new level of function to a motion light. Below, I'll describe how the Dual Brite feature works.

The Dual Brite feature adds another set of light control settings to a motion light.  When the Dual Brite setting is on, the light will automatically turn on in a half-bright mode for a set period of time after dusk.  So when it gets dark, the light automatically switches on in dim mode, providing you with convenient lighting during times when it gets dark early in the evening, and the security of automatic dusk lighting.  The Dual Brite setting does not interfere with normal motion light settings--if the motion detector picks up motion, the light will switch on in full power mode, even if the light is already on in dim mode from the Dual Brite setting.

 A motion light with Dual Brite will typically have a separate selector dial labeled "Dual Brite", with the selection choices of:  Off, 3 hours, 6 hours, Until Dawn.

  • Off:  The Dual Brite feature is off, with no effect
  • 3 Hours:  The Light will come on in a half-bright mode for 3 hours after dusk
  • 6 Hours:  The Light will come on in a half-bright mode for 6 hours after dusk
  • Until Dawn:  The Light will stay on in a half-bright mode from dusk until dawn.

The lower light setting saves on electricity, while providing added convenience and security to your motion light.

We have all motion lights at our house set to the 3 Hour setting.  This gives low-level light around the house at dusk, which is especially handy when it gets dark earlier in the evening.  This gives us comfort of having an automatic light on (in low light mode) in early evening, knowing that the light will go off automatically after the set period of time.  I highly recommend the Dual Brite function for any motion light you choose. 

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