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Home Security Starts with Motion Activated Lighting

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With the current state of the economy, there is more concern than ever that burglaries and other household crime will continue to increase. As a result, it is crucial now more than ever to increase security at and around your home. While many home security systems and strategies will cost you thousands of dollars of upfront and ongoing cost, there are other supplemental and effective steps you can take now to increase your home security. One effective measure that is relatively simple, quick and inexpensive to add to your home is to install motion activated lighting to your home and yard.

One of the main reasons that people install motion lighting is to deter the plans of would-be burglars and add safety to their home and home environment. Other benefits and features of motion lighting include beauty, convenience and energy savings.

Motion activated lighting illuminates whenever movement is detected by the motion sensor. Burglars will avoid well-lit homes in most cases, as the lighting increases their chances of being caught. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps their home well-lit, and this gives would-be criminals many 'easy' targets to choose from. When confronted with a home with lighting in place, it is easier for a criminal to simply move on to the next unlit home, rather than risk exposure due to lighting.

Well-placed motion detector lighting is a necessity to the safety of your home. Depending on your home layout, most people will choose to place motion sensor lighting in a number of key places, including:

  • outside of garage area
  • above rear door entry ways
  • on front porch using decorative motion light selections
  • areas facing backyard open areas, placed to provide full motion-sensing coverage over the approach areas of the yard

These are just some of the typical uses, as every home is different. Keep in mind that with today's motion sensing light selection, the fixtures are available in a number of different, attractive shapes and sizes, including decorative lighting that looks nothing like a typical motion flood light! Rest assured that you will be able to maintain the beauty of your yard and home decor style, while still enjoying quality motion lighting products.

We would not recommend that motion lighting be considered your sole source of home security. However, with today's increased risks, any home that does not have a home security plan and system in place yet should start by adding motion sensing lighting to gain instant benefits, at low costs. The convenience, beauty, energy and cost savings associated with these lights make them even more attractive.

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