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Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

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Based on our experiences with outdoor motion detector lights, this article will list the top 5 benefits that we have found. These are not the only benefits -- in fact, while reading this article, you will likely think of other benefits from outdoor motion lights. If you do, share them! Let us know how you have benefited from motion sensor lights!

  • Security - this one is easy. Motion lights come on when motion is detected. With properly placed and set motion lights, intruders will be met with lights turning on in their face as they approach your house. Something to note: set your light sensitivity correctly. From experience, when your motion lights turn on in the middle of the night, you'll want to know what set them off! Setting the lights to avoid small animals like racoons, rabbits, etc. will help you avoid false alarms!

  • Energy Savings - When your motion lights are off, you are enjoying the savings of not using energy to power them! It's that simple. You still get the benefits though of a light when you need it, once the motion sensor picks up motion. We all benefit, with less energy consumption and impact on the environment.

  • Convenience - I think of this one all the time. Taking our dog out late in the evening, I walk out into the dark backyard out of the garage door, and the light turns on as we cross the threshold into the backyard! Super convenience! One thing I need to do, is set the light to stay on a little bit longer, as it usually turns off (or turns down, with the Dual-Brite system) while we are still in the yard. This is easily fixed, as our motion will turn the light back on once we are in the range of the motion sensor. No light switches touched--very convenient.

  • Money Savings - I haven't personally calculate the money savings we have enjoyed from motion lights, and I think it would be hard to do. However, I know we have saved from motion lights. I'm notorious (according to my wife) for leaving lights on, and motion lights save me all the time. With outdoor motion lights, I don't even touch the switch - it's hard to go wrong with properly set-up motion lights.

  • Time Savings - With convenient motion lights turning on when you need them, you will experience time savings from the convenience of motion lights. Walking up to your house with a handful of groceries, and not needing to switch the lights, gives you time savings - and these add up.

  • Check out our motion light products, from outdoor flood lights, to decorative light offerings, to solar motion lights that can be easily placed where your wiring can't easily reach. The benefits are real.


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