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Easy Indoor Motion Detector for Existing Bulbs

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Installation of this motion detector light unit is almost as easy as it gets, with no wiring needed!  The First Alert PIR725 Screw-In Motion Sensing Light Socket works with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and will pick up motion within a 360 degree range.  Once installed, this motion sensor will turn your existing light on when motion is detected anywhere within its range, and turn the light off again after a period of no motion.  This motion detector is ideal for a laundry room or utility room with an existing bare bulb setup!  Simply remove the existing bulb, screw in the motion sensing unit, and screw the bulb into the unit.

The motion sensor will pick up movement, turn the light on, giving you perfect, hands-free convenience.  Once you leave the room, you know the light will shut off shortly after you leave.  I can think of many great uses for this light, including a laundry room with an existing bare bulb light setup.  When coming into the laundry room with hands-full of clothes or a laundry basket, having the light turn on automatically when walking into the room, and off automatically after leaving the room, is ideal!  Other easy uses:  garages, basements, attics, walk-in closets and stairways, etc.

This light works with incandescent bulbs up to 100W, and this motion sensor will work with CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs up to 50 watts.  Also, note that this detector unit should only be used with indoor, ceiling-mounted, bare bulb light sockets.  This motion sensor provides a good value for the money and great benefits.  First Alert Screw-In Motion Sensing Light Socket.


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