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Key Tips For Adjusting Motion Detector Sensitivity

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Have an overactive motion detector? The sensitivity level on today's motion detector lights may cause the sensor to trigger too frequently, causing the light to stay on longer than desired, or causing the light to turn on too frequently due to motion detected from an unwanted area. Here are some tips to fix this problem:

  • Turn down the sensitivity setting for the motion detector. Do this by turning the sensitivity down until the light stays off, even with motion in front of the sensor. The instructions that come with your light will describe this process. Then, slowly turn the sensitivity back up, testing along the way, until you reach desired setting. Some experimentation will be required!
  • Here's a tip not too many people know about. Use black electrical tape to cover the area of the motion detector lens that is picking up the unwanted motion (either from a neighboring light source or other motion source). Again, you will have to play with the amount of the sensor that you cover with the tape. You won't hurt the motion detector, but you don't want to cover too much of the sensor area, and cause your light to not work when you want it to.

Find these helpful? Feel free to share any other motion light placement tips that work for you.

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