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Motion Sensor Light Installation

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The following article describes generally how to install a light motion sensor fixture.

Step 1 - Safety

As always, turn off the electricity at the breaker where you are working for safety. When the power is successfully turned off, take the bulb out and unscrew the old fixture so the wires and junction box are showing. Using a voltage meter to make sure the power is off remove the old fixture completely. Separate the wires, reactivate the circuit, and test them to make sure power is flowing properly. Then turn the power back off. Now wrap the exposed wires with electrical tape while leaving only the ends exposed.

Step 2 - Wiring

On the new motion sensor light unit, Separate the black, white, and bare/green grounding wires. Strip the end of the insulation from the ends of each wire and connect the wires. Black to black, white to white, and ground to the junction box ground screw. Using a wire nut, twist the ends of each wire pair back together and then reactivate the circuit. if possible, use a tester to make sure power is flowing to and from the fixture. Then turn off the power again and connect each wire pair with a wire nut, and cover them with tape to waterproof your splice.

Step 3 - Installing

Next, tuck the connected wires into the junction box and put the fixture housing over it. After mounting the fixture to the box with the provided screws, make sure that all the wires are now completely contained and protected by the housing fixture and are unexposed.

Step 4 - Installing the Light Bulb

Lastly, install the bulb. For halogen bulbs, if possible use a lightweight gloves when touching the bulb. Seal the housing and reactivate the circuit. You should test the light at night with the switch first. If you test during the day, the photocell (dusk to dawn feature) may make the light inactive because of the ambient light.  Leave the switch in the ON position and do not move, waits for the light to turn off. It should only take a few minutes. It should reactivate when you move. Use the manufacturer's instructions to adjust the motion sensor as necessary.

As in any project involving electricity read the manufacturers instructions completely and take proper safety precautions. We accept no responsibility in any way for injuries caused by improper installation. This article is for reference purposes only please consult an electrician if you have any questions on concerns prior to self-installation.


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