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Better Kitchen Lighting Can Enhance Your Kitchen

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In many homes throughout the world, the kitchen is not merely a place to make food but rather is somewhere for the entire family to gather and socialize. As such, it tends to be the room that gets the most traffic which is why many homeowners are willing to go through the processing of making the kitchen a pleasant place to be. Sometimes, a simple renovation can improve the feel of kitchen which may be all it takes to turn your kitchen into a similarly pleasing room.

There are two primary methods of kitchen lighting: functional and mood lighting. Functional lighting is just that, as it allows you to function properly while preparing food and cleaning up. By contrast, mood lighting sets an ambient tone for those who spend time in the kitchen. Mood lighting is used to set off the décor of your kitchen and make it look a bit more interesting. Mood lighting recommendations include installing lights over your countertops or kitchen island, or just under the counter. Ambient lighting can also come through a skylight or just an ordinary window in your kitchen. In addition, installing a glass door in your kitchen can give the room an airy, spacious look.

Before you start a lighting renovation, you should take the time to consider an idea or two from the experts. The lighting in your kitchen is most effective when focused in three areas: over the sink, above the counter and over the oven. Kitchen lighting under your cabinetry can also be worked into your improvement scheme; however, it is important that you use the best lights for this purpose. In general, you have three good options for lighting underneath your cabinets: incandescent lamps, LED’s, or light emitting diodes, and fluorescent lights. You can find all three of these products and many variations at just about any home improvement store. By using some combination of these options, you can plan the best lighting renovation for your kitchen.

Because so many lights get installed in the kitchen, you should have some energy-saving options in mind. Think about installing an occupancy sensor when you install your new lights. These devices use ultrasonic sensors to can pick up sounds as well as infrared sensors to detect motion. These devices can also turn the lights on and off for you since they can tell when the kitchen is in use and when it is unoccupied.

The ideas above are, certainly, something to consider as you plan a kitchen renovation project. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to talk with an expert at your local home improvement store or a local contracting company.


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