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Simple Home Lighting Projects

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There are a number of home lighting projects that are easy to do. Most home improvements can be as simple as rearranging some furniture, a little painting, and adding extras such as overhead lighting, or buying new table lamps.  And the good news is, you can find great home projects involving lighting that not only don't cost much money to implement, but the results save you money as well.

If you have a set of old table lamps that you really like and don't want to get rid of, you can revive them with some simple changes. One way to accomplish this is to find some new lamp shades that go great with your home or a particluar room. A friend of mine told me that she had taken one of her old lampshades down and was looking for a new one. She had picked up some contact paper at a local department store that had a beautiful pink and green flower print on it and applied it to the old lamp shade. The updated lamp shade went perfect with the new colors of her living room, and all she did was clean the old shade and cover it with the contact paper. This is a great idea; she could have even added some fringe, or some beads to the lamp shade to give it an even more innovative look.

The type of lighting you use can present a room in many different ways. Adding a light dimmer will put a more romantic mood in a room, and save on the power bill. If you want to keep it even simpler, you can purchase a lamp that makes use of 3-way light bulbs.

In today's world with crime on the rise many people favor installing motion detector flood lights. This is not only good for turning on whenever someone comes near the doors or the garage, but it also lights up your drive whenever you come home from a night out. There are sensor lights that come on at dusk and turn themselves off at dawn. These are found in many street lamps and for the darkest areas around your home. You may even find them around the pool area. They are great energy savers and you can be sure you will not have a high electric bill using them.

Designers use special lighting effects with different colored bulbs to create some of the most fantastic floor and furniture scapes that are becoming very popular. Another style of home lighting is to install small under cabinet lights in areas such as above the stove and sink area, where you need some extra light to see better while you work.

Remember when you are looking at new or old lamps that you can purchase them much quicker if you shop for them by the height and the type that will fit into your price range. Table lamps are fantastic for your home lighting projects.


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