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The 5 Best Indoor Motion Lights and Switches under $50

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Home automation is hot.  There are programmable thermostats that learn from your behavior; refrigerators with more computing power than last year's top desktop computers; garage doors that learn when you are coming and going and automatically open and close - and your smartphone can control it all!

Indoor motion sensors are another area that give you great automation capabilities, and using products that link motion sensors with your indoor home lighting can add convenience, security and money savings.  But with all the products and technologies in the market, where to start?  There are so many makes and models, shapes and sizes and features that it's hard to understand what will work best for your needs.  You can use these motion sensor products to fit your home decor style and give you ideal detection area and function to bring great convenience and security benefits to your home.

As we have said before, adding motion sensor products to your home brings great benefit - not only convenience and money savings - but great security and safety benefits as well.  These lights help stop intruders, avoid break-ins and act as a great deterrent for criminals.  This security, savings and convenience doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  It's important to find the best product that fits your home, style AND budget.

Below, we have listed 7 great indoor motion activated light products that offer these great features, to give you some help deciding what will work best with your home.


1.  Heath-Zenith SL-6113-WH Motion-Activated Wall Light Switch, $17.57

 sl 6113 wh

Add affordable Motion Sensing to any Room - Check Best Price Here

The Heath Zenith Energy Saver Motion Activated Wall Switch, SL-6113-WH provides hands-free lighting in the home. The wall switch is both LED and CFL compatible. Lights turn on automatically when entering a room. Motion activated switch features a 110 degree motion detection angle up to 30 feet with a fixed time on of 5 minutes. Heath Zenith motion activated wall switch controls 500 watt incandescent lighting and 400 watt fluorescent lighting single pole applications.

  • Motion activated wall switch; Lights turn ON automatically with motion
  • Fixed time on of 5 minutes
  • Up to 30 feet motion detection range
  • Controls 500 watt incandescent lighting and 400 watt fluorescent lighting
  • 1 year warranty


2.  Skylinkhome SK-9 Wireless Remote Screw-In Motion Activated Light Kit, $35.78


Make any screw-in Light Bulb a Motion Sensing Light - Check Best Price Here

SkylinkHome's SK-9 Remote Controllable Wireless Motion Activated Light Kit includes everything you will need to automatically control one light bulb with body movement up to 500 feet away. This kit installs quickly and easily so you can begin saving energy and in turn, money. The included SkylinkHome ID-318 Battery-Operated Wireless Motion Sensor Transmitter features adjustable "Off" times between 5-60 minutes and a built-in Ambient Light Sensor (ALS). Light-sensing technology will prevent the costly use of unneeded lights when there is a sufficient amount of natural sun light. The ID-318 will wireless communicate with the SkylinkHome LX-318 Remote Controllable Mini Screw-In Dimmer from anywhere within 500 feet of the ID-318 Motion Sensor. Radio Frequency (RF) communication allows the dimmer's load to be wirelessly switched using motion, detected by the battery operated sensor. 


3.  Heath-Zenith Motion Sensor Lamp Control Sockets (2), $42.51

Heath-Zenith Motion Sensor Lamp Control Sockets

Wireless Motion Sensor Triggers Two Indoor Lamps for Instant Security Alert - Check Best Price Here

You don't need to rewire your house in order to install motion-activated lighting. The Motion Sensor Lamp Control Sockets are triggered by a weather-resistant motion sensor that runs on two AA batteries (sold separately), so you can set up this system in minutes. When the motion sensor is activated, it sends an RF signal to both lamp sockets, which will turn on lights in your home, so you'll know instantly if a prowler is on your property or if guests have arrived.

Two Screw-In Lamp Control Sockets Included

The two lamp control sockets screw in between any 120-watt light bulb and the lamp socket. Thanks to a built-in photocell, you can set the motion sensor to signal the lamp control sockets only when it's dark out to save electricity. Once activated, the lamps will stay on for the length of time you specify.

Motion Sensor Features Extra Protection

The included motion sensor features the Creep Zone Advantage: Unlike most motion sensors, which allow an area directly beneath them to go undetected, this sensor looks down in addition to out for maximum protection. Additional features include sensitivity control and pulse count technology, which reduces false sensing from wind and rain for maximum reliability.


4.  First Alert PIR725 Screw-In Motion Sensing Light Socket, $24.31

First Alert Screw-In Motion Sensor

 Installs a Motion Sensor into an Existing Light Socket - Check Best Price Here

The First Alert Screw-In Motion Sensing Light Socket screws easily into an existing household light socket. Patented motion sensing technology automatically turns the light on when entering and off when exiting the room. It senses movement in all directions making it ideal for laundry rooms, basements, walk-in closets and garages. It is compatible with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and incandescent light bulbs.

  • Turn light bulb into motion sensing light bulb
  • Installs a motion sensor into existing light socket
  • Senses motion in all directions
  • Ideal for applications in which immediate light is needed
  • Works with compact fluorescent light bulbs up to 50 watts
  • Works with incandescent light bulbs up to 100 watts


5.  Cooper Lighting MS100PG All-Pro Plugin Motion Security Light, $32


Easy Indoor or Outdoor Motion Sensing Flood Lighting - Check Best Price Here

 This Cooper Lighting plug in motion security light comes in a grey finish. Works with one 100-watt halogen bulb. Part of the All-Pro collection.

Portable Plug-in Motion Floodlight

  • 8’ electrical cord
  • Die-Cast metal fixture with plastic handle & motion sensor
  • Detects motion 110 degrees and in up to a 40’ range
  • Adjustable time and light sensitivity settings
  • Motion sensor turns lights ON automatically when motion is detected and OFF after a pre-selected time delay
  • Integral photo cell design prevents light from turning ON during daylight hours
  • Perfect for most indoor/outdoor wall mounts applications
  • Manual override - allows use as standard floodlight


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