Skylinkhome SK-9 Wireless Remote Screw-In Motion Activated Light Kit


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Save Energy by Automatically Switching Lights On and Off with Body Movement
  • Easy screw-in installation
  • Activate lighting or appliances with body movement
  • Save money by automatically turning On/Off lights
  • Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) prevents lights from being used when natural light is available
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 5-60 minute timer options
  • Works with both Incandescent and CFL bulbs
  • Battery-operated motion sensor with 500 foot wireless range

SkylinkHome's SK-9 Remote Controllable Wireless Motion Activated Light Kit includes everything you will need to automatically control one light bulb with body movement up to 500 feet away. This kit installs quickly and easily so you can begin saving energy and in turn, money. The included SkylinkHome ID-318 Battery-Operated Wireless Motion Sensor Transmitter features adjustable "Off" times between 5-60 minutes and a built-in Ambient Light Sensor (ALS). Light-sensing technology will prevent the costly use of unneeded lights when there is a sufficient amount of natural sun light. The ID-318 will wireless communicate with the SkylinkHome LX-318 Remote Controllable Mini Screw-In Dimmer from anywhere within 500 feet of the ID-318 Motion Sensor. Radio Frequency (RF) communication allows the dimmer's load to be wirelessly switched using motion, detected by the battery operated sensor. This item is a kit which includes both the SkylinkHome ID-318 Battery-Operated Wireless Motion Sensor Transmitter and the SkylinkHome LX-318 Remote Controllable Mini Screw-In Dimmer, please follow these highlighted links for a full description of each product included.

The SkylinkHome System comprises a variety of wireless sensors, wireless remotes, wire-in and plug-in lighting or appliance controls. All wireless communication between SkylinkHome devices is based on rolling code technology. This ensures the highest security for your wireless signals being transmitted. For zone programming of these devices or to make this switch a member of a "Zone" (a group of lights controlled at the same time), you will need to purchase the 10 Button Deluxe Remote separately.

Manufacturer Skylink Technologies
Brand SkylinkHome
Manufacturer Product No. SK-9
UPC 623459300530
Color Off-White