Heath Zenith HZ-5514-WH Motion Sensing Halogen, White

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Heath Zenith's HZ-5514-WH Twin Halogen Motion Activated Security Light clearly illuminates the dark corners and walkways of your home or business. The security light is installed easily without the need to hire an expensive electrician, and is suitable for wherever additional light is needed. Once installed, you can adjust the direction of the lights to ensure the beam of light is shining on the exact location desired. The floodlight's motion and light sensor activates when motion is detected 60 feet away and no light is present in the sensor's 110° detection range that is adjustable for different settings. The light can save you up to 80% more energy than standard decorative outdoor lights because the automatic turning on and off feature ensures that you don't leave the lights on accidentally for prolonged times. The patented photocells ensure the light only operates at night so they won't be on in the day when you don't use them. If constant light is needed, there is a manual override mode allowing them to function as switch-controlled lights for constant on, dusk-to-dawn lighting.


Manufacturer Heath Zenith
Manufacturer Product No. HZ-5514-WH
UPC 016963551435
Range Up to 60 feet*

*Varies with surrounding temperature
Sensing Angle Up to 110°
Electrical Load 200 Watt Incandescent (100 maximum each lamp holder)
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Operating Modes TEST


Time Delay 1 minute

5 minutes

10 minutes
Replacement Lamp T3 100 Watt Halogen Maximum 120 VAC
Manufacturer Warranty 2-year warranty